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    Institute of Bast Crops of the National Academy of Agrarian Sciences of Ukraine is a leading research institute conducting comprehensive research on breeding, growing, harvesting and processing of fiber flax and industrial hemp. The Institute has a unique multifaceted experience in research on flax and hemp production.
    Main directions of activity of the Institute:
    - Breeding of fibre flax and hemp;
    - Production of original seeds of the varieties of the Institute's selection;
    - Technology of growing of bast crops;
    - Mechanization of harvesting of fibre flax and hemp;
    - Primary processing of flax and hemp raw materials;
    - Standardization of the products of bast crops;
    - Economy of the branches of flax- and hemp-growing;
    - Primary and elite seed-growing of the varieties of grain crops, potato and grasses;
    - Manufacture and trials of experimental samples of the machinery for flax and hemp harvesting and  processing.

    All the directions of activity of the Institute are organizationally joined into 6 departments. A high qualified team of scientific workers, among which there are 4 doctors and 11 candidates of sciences, secure scientific-research and production activity.


    The scientific workers of the Institute worked out the breeding methods and on their base more than 20 high productive hemp varieties have been created. For the first time in the world practice the breeders of the Institute have grown varieties of monoecious hemp practically without narcotic properties. At present 6 hemp varieties of the Institute's selection are entered into the State register of plant varieties of Ukraine (Hlukhivskyi 46, Hlukhivski 33, USO-14, USO-31, Zolotoniski 11, Zolotoniski 15). Two of them – USO-14 and USO-31 have been entered into the Register of the varieties of EC countries and four – into the Register of Canada (USO-14, USO-31, Zolotoniski 11, Zolotoniski 15). These varieties are grown in Ukraine, Russia, Canada, Czech Republic, Australia, Germany and China.
    Three high productive fibre flax varieties – Hlukhivs'kyi yuvilejnyi, Charivnyi and Hlynum have been originated also; the first two of them have been entered into the State Register of plant varieties of Ukraine and are introduced in three regions of Ukraine.
    Power-saving technologies of flax- and hemp-growing and complex system of flax and hemp protection from pests, diseases and weeds have been worked out at the Institute. Implementation of this technology and system provides increase of yield by 10–15% and decrease of power-expenses by 20–25%.
    Production technology of hemp harvesting with application of big-heavy packages and the complex of machines for its realization: a harvester ZHK-1.9, pickup-turner OLKK, pick up PKV-1, universal baler TLK-1 (which may be also used for fibre flax harvesting) and the complex of devices for loading, unloading and transport works were developed. In the process of hemp harvesting this technology provides 2.5 times cutting down in manual labour. The designing of hemp harvester KKU-1.9 permit to mechanize harvesting of seed hemp sowings. Nowadays all the hemp sowings in Ukraine and Russia are harvested with the machines designed at the Institute.
    For fibre flax harvesting a new swath technology has been worked out on the base of creation of pickup-thresher that now is placed on industrial trials.
    The department completed development of the complex of small equipment for waste-free technology of flax processing at the farms and principally new technology of long fibre isolation that allows increasing output of long fibre by 10%, to lower power – capacity of the unit by 30% and metal consuption of the equipment by 50%.
    Models of the machines and technological equipment worked out by scientific workers of the Institute are created by the laboratory on manufacture and introduction of new machinery.
    Scientists of the Institute work on development of scientific-methodical basis of standardization of bast-fibered products, conducts economic and patent investigations, carries out propaganda of the research  projects of the Institute.
    The collaborators of the department worked out intensive technology of hemp and flax stock preparation, raw material storing at the plants, system of normative-technical documents that regulate the order of handing over raw materials to the plants, the main demands to it, the methods of evaluation and devices for quality determination, state standards on hemp straw and hemp stock, flax stock and scutched fibre of fibre flax, the methods of power and economic evaluation of new technologies for fibre flax harvesting and processing.
    Each year in primary sections a work on renewal of typicalness and propagation of more than 25 varieties of grain crops (winter wheat, winter corn, spring wheat, barley, oats, pea, buckwheat, millet), potato, perennial grasses and rape is carried out.
    A valuable contribution to science and production development in our country and abroad has been made by the scientists of the Institute as V.H.Virovets, M.M.Hrishko, P.A.Holoborodko, M.H.Horodnyi, H.I.Honcharov, A.D.Demkin, S.I.Lebedev, H.I.Senchenko, A.S.Khrennikov, M.O.Timonin and others.
    More than one hundred working outs of the Institute have been recognized as inventions.
    For the success achieved in scientific development six research workers of the Institute have been rewarded with the title of State Prize Laureate, two persons – "Honoured Scientist and Technician of Ukraine", one person – "Honoured machine-operator". The Institute has been rewarded with many home and foreign diplomas and charts, its achievements are known far beyond the Ukrainian border.
    For the high level of scientific researches in 2003 the Institute was mentioned with a mark of quality "Higher standard” of Ukraine by the National Image Program "The Leaders of XXI Century”, in 2006 it is awarded by the diploma of the Cabinet of Ministers of Ukraine.
    Assortment of production:
    - New technologies of flax and hemp growing, harvesting and processing;
    - Elite production of flax and hemp seed-growing;
    - Elite seeds of grain crops, potato and grasses;
    - Consultative services.



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